Why fiberglass?

As you know, fiberglass is the fiber of a glass that blends into fine lines. To be used as reinforcement in various polymers. Including plastic resin that can be molded into various products. This article we will come to know.

Features of fiberglass products include:

  1. Lightweight
    Fiberglass products are lighter than steel and aluminum by 80% and 30% respectively. Transportation costs are hence lower, and its lightweight feature makes for easy installation.
  2. Strength
    The composition of fiberglass makes its products stronger than that of stainless steel products.
  3. Resistance and durability
    Fiberglass is a material that is weatherproof, resistant to the sun, all weather conditions and corrosive environments. Fiberglass products are suitable for both outdoors and indoors.
  4. Free-form
    Fiberglass can be molded to any form, according to your requirements. Because of it’s versatility, fiberglass has very little design constraints. Whether you are an interior designer, product designer, urban designer or outdoor event planner, fiberglass is your dream material.
  5. Non-Conductive
    Fiberglass is well insulated, non-conductive and has very low thermal conductivity.
  6. Electromagnetic Transparency
    Fiberglass does not affect electromagnetic frequencies such as microwave and radio waves. As such, fiberglass products can be applied to mobile phones, medical devices, or tools with electromagnetic frequencies.
  7. Low maintenance
    The corrosion resistant nature of fiberglass reduces the need for routine maintenance such as repainting or repair. Fiberglass is the better investment option, with lower maintenance costs than conventional materials.