What is fiberglass?

Many people may not know what fiberglass is and what to use it. Or some people think that fiberglass is a composite or plastic reinforced material. Plastic fiber reinforced (Fiber-reinforced plastic, FRP) or plastic reinforced with glass (Glass-reinforced plastic, GRP)

But actually, fiberglass is the fiber of a glass that blends into fine lines. To be used as reinforcement in various polymers. Including plastic resin that can be molded into various products such as roof, pickup truck, tub, boat, small aircraft parts. Big water tank Race car parts or mascot products are generally seen now by the sights, shops, etc. Because the fiber has strong properties. High tensile strength, no corrosion and corrosion resistance. In addition, the fiber has good heat-insulating properties, which are suitable for insulation in furnaces, refrigerators or building materials.

So can be seen that fiberglass. It can be used as an add-on in a variety of businesses, whether it is a restaurant business. Tourism business Car parts business Interior and exterior decoration business Or even organizing events and so on.