We, at iRis Fiberglass, understand the importance of satisfying our customers. We offer our clients with various support services solutions to assist you address the specific needs of your organization by provide professional consultancy on product selection that best suit customer needs and staying within budgets.


Products are designed in 3D for better visualization. Once the design is confirmed by you, a prototype will be built.


Prototypes are built based on the confirmed 3D design. You’ll be able to view the prototype at our factory, or an album of photos can be shared with you via email or LINE. Minor adjustments can be made at this stage before production begins.


Depending on the design and order quantity, we have 2 production methods:

  • Usually, for medium to large orders (3 units and above), a mold will be created to ensure uniformity and speed in the production process.
  • And for small orders (1 – 2 units): molds may or may not be required.

We will recommend the most cost effective option for you.

Delivery & Installation

We will package, deliver and install your products at your location.

Repair and maintenance

We also provide repair and maintenance services, including:

  • Repairs of broken parts
  • Modification on the surface (re-painting)
  • Maintenance due to long-term wear and tear

Warranty (Domestic)

We, iRis Fiberglass, hereby warrant that the products manufactured and commercialized are free from defects in material and manufacturing processes, and in conformity with our standard specifications.

Warranty is valid for 1 year from the date of delivery for fiberglass parts of the product. We do not provide warranty for non-fiberglass accessories of the product.

Our exclusive remedy for a defective product that fails under normal commercial use will be repaired at no charge for both service and components.

After the end of warranty period, any damage on products will be repaired or replaced with a service charge and will be collected from the buyer after agreement.

The warranty is subject to the provisions that some natural variations occurring in wood, leather or other natural materials are inherent to their character and not considered defects. We do not warrant the color-fastness or matching of colors, grains or textures of these materials. Additionally, a Customer’s Own Material (COM) selected by, and used at the request of a buyer, is not warranted.

Our warranty shall not apply to normal wear and tear or in the event products are damaged as a result of misuse, abuse, neglect, accident, improper application, modification or repair or attachments to the product not approved by us. The warranty shall not apply to products used for rental or hire purchase purposes. The warranty shall not apply to any damage caused from shipment by any persons not authorized by us.

No products will be accepted for return without prior approval. We shall have the right to inspect any products claimed as a defective product at the buyer’s premises, or require the buyer to return the product to us for inspection at our premises. Transportation charges covering returned products will be borne by us only if such products are proven to be defective, are covered by this warranty, and are returned within the warranty period stated above.

The above warranty periods are effective for products that have been purchased from 1st July 2017 onwards.