About us

Why do you have to order with us

With our experience. We have a lot of fiberglass products. About many industries such as Restaurants industries, Tourism industry, Furniture industry, Home and garden decoration etc., and involved government agencies, state enterprises, small and large private companies from all over the country.

At Iris Fiberglass, we take your ideas and transform it into a finished product. We custom design, manufacture, paint, deliver and install the finished product for you. We believe that each of our customer’s needs are unique, and we take pride in providing an end product that best fits you. Our manufacturing facility in Bangkok is equipped to produce large scale projects, furniture and mascots. With our team of highly skilled designers and engineers, we strive for precision, quality and efficiency.

Factory Information

Iris Fiberglass is a factory that produces fiberglass product with modern tools we have both Laser cutting machine, Vacuum machine, spray room and standard baking room on a factory area of ​​0.79 Acre / 0.0032 km² / 3,200 m²

Production Capability

The plant area covers the office area, prototype area team, production area team and coloring area team on a total production area of ​​2,400 m².

Warehouse Capability

Raw Materials Warehouse and Finished Products Warehouse are combined in one space.
Total Warehouse & Logistics area: 800 m².